July/August Empties

Jiminy Crickets, tomorrow is September! Here are some products that got me through summer.

Caress Daily Silk Body Wash – White Peach & Silky Orange Blossom (Full-size $3.99 at Target)

070How: Apply to a shower pouf, lather and wash skin.

Verdict: This has been my go to body wash and have been repurchasing it for the past year. I like it a lot and feel like it moisturizes my skin. The scent is nice and not overpowering. Although I recently bought a different type of body wash (I wanted to try and shake things up), this will be my fall back as I think it’s a really good product.

L’Oreal® Paris – Revitalift Triple Power Eye Treatment (Full-size $19.99 at Target)

071How: Every morning and evening – massage gently around the eye area until thoroughly absorbed.

Verdict: This product is supposed to repair wrinkles, reduce bags and lift eye area. I do not put in on in the morning but I do apply it under my eyes at night after I’ve washed my face. I do feel like the skin under my eyes is brighter and wrinkles have been reduced. Being a mom and having turned 30 this year, I’m trying to postpone any aging. This seems to be working for me. I’ve already repurchased this product and will continue to apply to my aging eyes…

100% Pure – Gingerade Shower Gel (Full-size $15.00)

046How: Squeeze a small amount of gel into a washcloth, a loofah, or your hands. Massage onto damp skin and rinse clean.

Verdict: I was excited to try this and was sadly disappointed. This smelled lovely but it didn’t really lather. After rinsing, it also left my skin feeling kind of dry and sticky. I just didn’t like this. I received two foil packets of this in my July Birchbox and ended up throwing away the unopened packet. I wanted to like this but the quality of the product just wasn’t there.

Product sample received in my July 2014 Birchbox.

Dr. Jart+ – Dis-A-Pore Beauty Balm (Full-size $36.00)

192How: Using your fingers, blend into skin on face and neck

Verdict: Again, I was looking forward to trying this. But what in the world?!? After applying this product, my face looked like a mortician did my makeup. This is going to sound a bit morbid but have you ever been to a funeral and the deceased person’s face looked like someone caked on about a gallon of foundation or powder to their face?  That is what my face looked like. It made my face not even look real. I also didn’t like how up close you could totally tell I had makeup on my face. I thought the key to makeup was to make it look like you’re not wearing any. I looked like…well, I looked like something and it wasn’t pretty. HATED this. Hate it so much that I’m not even going to use the rest of my sample.

Product sample received in my August 2014 Birchbox.

Supergoop!® – Everyday SPF 30 with Cellular Response Technology (Full-size $48.00)

042_croppedHow: Apply a generous amount to body, face, and neck at least half an hour before heading outside. Reapply every few hours if you’re spending a day in the sun (or after 80 minutes of sweating or swimming).

Verdict: Supergoop! seems to be a common brand that Birchbox sends in their boxes. I should know…I’ve received three-four different samples from this line. I did use this frequently this summer. It was a nice size to throw in my purse/diaper bag and know that I had sun protection with me. Overall, it did the job of protecting my face from getting sun burned but no better than say, Banana Boat. Again, loved the size and the product did work but I’m not going to spend $48.00 on sunscreen…

Product sample received in my May 2014 Birchbox.

I know this post comes off as though I haven’t been enjoying my Birchbox samples but I totally am. The ones that I’ve really been liking aren’t used up yet! Raves for those products will be coming as soon as I’m done enjoying them! And there are some good ones!

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Hope you all are having a wonderful Labor Day Weekend!



* This is not a sponsored post.  All opinions about these products are my own!


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