Citrus Lane – August 2014

This has got to be the best Citrus Lane box yet!  Charlie received stuff he can actually use now!

Woodland Growth Chart from Petit Collage ($18.00)

167Exclusive to Citrus Lane, this growth chart is a fun way to track just how fast your baby is growing. The modern design will grow with your little one – up to four feet tall! Leaf stickers help keep track of dates and special notes. Later, fold easily to store as a keepsake. Tip: Measure 21″ from the floor to the bottom of the chart to hang.

I’ve been wanting a growth chart for Charlie and this one is really cute. I also matches his room really well. I only wish I had this sooner so I could have measured him at one year old!

ABC 123 Blocks from Melissa & Doug ($15.00)

168Some toys are classics for a reason. Toddlers love stacking and building (and knocking down) towers, and as they get older will start to recognize their A-B-Cs on these solid wood blocks. We also like that they come with a convenient storage pouch to keep them all together when not in use.

Charlie has been obsessed with blocks lately and my husband and I were saying how we should probably buy some. Wish granted! I was the most excited to see these in the box. We have a few wooden toys from Melissa & Doug and have  been happy with them. Charlie already loves playing with these and the storage pouch is an absolute plus!

Cool It Buddy from Me4Kidz ($2.99)

169It’s amazing how many bumps a toddler gets, especially early walkers who love to explore. These instant ice packs are great for then you’re on the go, or can’t find the ice pack in the freezer. We also like that Me4Kidz is a family business that helps support those with disabilities.

This is neat! Charlie is everywhere and has been starting to run. Although, I’m hoping I won’t have to use it, I know I will!

Language Video Digital Download from Little Pim (Free Trial)

171Studies show that introducing a second language at an early age is great for children’s development. Little Pim’s award-winning program is adorable and fun for little ones. Choose from over 11 languages – just go to and chose the code on the enclosed care to download a video for free,

I hope the code is good for a little while because I don’t think we’re quite ready for this yet.

Snuggle Lotion from Episencial ($5.50)

172Baby skin can dry out easily, so it’s really important to hydrate and nourish with a non-greasy lotion. Made with organic ingredients like borage seed oil to boost skin’s immunity, and avocado, flax and primrose oils to soften. Snuggly lotion will likely become a staple in your post-bath routine.

I do put lotion on Charlie so I’ll give this a try.  Not sure it will become a staple in our post-bath routine though…

Overall Impressions of Citrus Lane:

This box blew me away! I was just saying in my last review how I thought Charlie would get more stuff for him to play with rather than practical stuff to use. The blocks and growth chart were home runs for us! The odd thing was that I couldn’t find these exact items on Citrus Lane’s website so the prices are what I found online and are guesstimates.  I do think I got my $30 worth out of this box and also got things that we will actually use! Way to step it up this month Citrus Lane!

Interested in trying out Citrus Lane?  Sign up here!  When you click on the link and start a new Citrus Lane subscription, you’ll receive 50% off your first month of service, and I’ll get $20 in credits!



*Product descriptions courtesy of Citrus Lane

**This is not a sponsored post.  I paid for this subscription and all opinions are my own.


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