Citrus Lane – July 2014

After giving it some thought, I decided to give Citrus Lane another whirl.  For those of you who don’t know, Citrus Lane is a subscription box service geared at children.  They have three different delivery options: $29/month for a monthly subscription, $24/month for a three month subscription, or $21/month for a six month subscription. You can let them know the gender and age of your child so that you get items tailored to your kid.  I have a 21 month old boy so let’s see what they picked for him!

My First Phone from Plan Toys ($10.00)

046Babies seem to love to play with phones, and unfortunately also seem to have a knack for breaking them! This adorable new play phone from Plan Toys has a colorful dial pad and a magnifying glass screen. Helps develop dexterity and encourage imaginative play – you may be surprised by how young babies are able to mimic mommy and daddy talking on their “phone”.

I had a choice of the phone or the camera. I am wishing I went for the camera. First, the phone is pretty small. Second, the buttons don’t do anything. Third, I don’t think my son knows what to do with a magnify glass… It’s cute but it doesn’t do anything. Charlie looked at it and set it on the floor. If I could turn back time…

Aqueduck Faucet Extender from Peachy ($12.00)

044Hand washing is an important thing to teach little ones – after playing outside, going potty, or before eating. However, giving your kids a boost to reach water can be difficult, not to mention hard on your back. Bathroom stools are great but this product is a fantastic addition to the stool or to take with ou when you’re out and about. After using it, you’ll never know how you lived without it!

Now this was a great item to get in the box! It fits on our sinks and will work out well.  We do have a bathroom stool so together with the extender, washing Charlie’s hands just got easier!  I am pleased with this item!

Silicone Placemat from Oogaa ($8.95)

045Toddlers are messy eaters, and sometimes it’s easier to just feed them off of the table or high chair tray instead of using a plate, which is likely to be thrown to the floor. This silicone placemat from Oogaa is a great solution for at home or travel, and perfectly sized for little ones. The soft silicone stays put, and you can bring along washable markers to draw on the placemat. BPA free, no sharp edges, dishwasher safe.

This placemat will for sure be used. I typically bring a disposable adhesive placemat out to restaurants with us but I might try this one. We are also traveling soon so this will be coming with us!  Side note – we received the blue patterned mat.

Mighty 4 Pouch from Plum Organics (around $1.75)

047Pouches are a great way to get nutrition into increasingly picky eaters. We like Plum Organics Mighty 4™ pouches because they’re a healthy blend of four food groups – fruits, veggies, grains, and Greek yogurt. We also like to pop them in the freezer for a refreshing treat on hot summer days.

I’ve given Charlie the Ella’s Kitchen ones when traveling but haven’t tried this brand.  I was just at the store and bought some Ella’s Kitchen pouches for our upcoming trip. This one will get tossed in the snack bag.  We received the flavor: kale, strawberry, amaranth and Greek yogurt.

Coupon: $1.00 off and one mighty snack (bars, puffs or pouch).

Pur~Protect SPF 30 from Pur~Lisse ($16.50)

048As busy moms, we remember to put sunscreen on the kiddos but often neglect our own skin. This light-weight, nourishing moisturizer includes SPF 30 so you can use it daily and not have to worry about too much sun exposure. Great for summer months or year round to help protect from every day rays.

I’m well stocked on sample size sun screens between this and my Birchbox samples.  This stuff is expensive, $55 for 1.7 oz. I look forward to trying it as I would never buy it! I’m glad I actually got a product for me to sample rather than a stupid special offer/coupon to buy something like a received last month.

Overall Impressions of Citrus Lane:

I think this box was better than our first box so I’m glad I gave them another try.  The value of this box came to $49.20.  Can’t be mad about that seeing as I paid $29.00. Even though I feel like this box was worth my money, I’m still uncertain if I want to continue this subscription. I have the option to cancel or pause the subscription. I received some pretty practical stuff (which I appreciate, don’t get me wrong) but I was hoping for more fun items that Charlie could use.  Maybe those boxes come when he’s a little older…

If you’re a subscriber or a previous subscriber, I’d love to hear why you like or don’t like this subscription!

Interested in trying out Citrus Lane?  Sign up here!  When you click on the link and start a new Citrus Lane subscription, you’ll receive 50% off your first month of service, and I’ll get $20 in credits!



*Product descriptions courtesy of Citrus Lane

**This is not a sponsored post.  I paid for this subscription and all opinions are my own.


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