June Empties

Where is this summer going?! I’ve used up some more samples and it’s time for another “empties” post! What products impressed me during the month of June?

JERGENS® BB Body Perfecting Skin Cream, (Full-size $11.99 (Target’s price))

jergens croppedHow: Massage into skin, allow time to dry prior to dressing. This cream is supposed to hydrate, illuminate, even, firm and correct your skin.

Verdict: I was a little sad to get this sample in my March Birchbox just because I was hoping to try new brands/products. But I do love JERGENS® and use their regular lotion daily. This product did not let me down. I like the smell of it and my skin is smooth. There is a very subtle shimmer to it but I don’t mind it, especially for summer! I’ve purchased the full size and two travel sizes of this lotion since sampling it in my Birchbox. I found the travel size (2 oz.) BB Body Cream in the Dollar Spot at Target. I think it was $2.99. Also, pay attention to which BB Body Cream you are buying as it comes in light and dark skin tone tints. I did buy the dark by accident the first time but noticed before I opened it so I was able to exchange it! Loving this product!

Product sample received in my March 2014 Birchbox.

Davines Love Smoothing Shampoo & Conditioner (Full-size $24.00 & $27.50)050

How: Apply daily to wet hair and rinse. Repeat for best results.

Verdict: I like trying new shampoos and conditioners, especially when they are supposed to smooth hair and reduce frizz. So when I saw these in my June Birchbox, I thought they looked promising. I got a really generous size sample of the shampoo and a little foil packet of the conditioner. I got a little over a weeks use out of the shampoo and two uses out of the conditioner. As with most shampoo and conditioners, they recommend using them both together for best results. This was so true in this case. The shampoo did nothing for my hair unless I used the Love Smoothing Conditioner with it. Together, the results were nice but nothing earth shattering. I probably won’t be buying these in the future. Plus, the containers that these come in are so not appealing…

Product sample received in my June 2014 Birchbox.

Davines Ol / All in One Milk (Full-size $28)

053How: Spray onto toweled dried hair and style.

Verdict: I used the Davines Love Smoothing Shampoo & Conditioner (above) with this product sample. I also used the Milk with my regular shampoo and conditioner and got great results. However, the directions on the packet says to “spray onto toweled dry hair” yet the sample came in a foil packet (which you cannot spray). I don’t think it mattered. I used it as if I were using oil in my hair. For now, I think I’ll hold off on buying a full-size version of this just because I have an almost full bottle of oil left. I did like the way this made my hair feel though!

Product sample received in my June 2014 Birchbox.

dr. brandt® pores no more® pore refiner primer (Full-size $45)

How: Work a thin layer into your face.pores no more cropped

Verdict: This product is light and has a mousse-like texture to it. Although I liked how my face felt after putting this on, I’m still not sold. I don’t think I have noticeable pores or I guess I should say, my pores are already refined. I didn’t notice anything different about my skin’s appearance after using this. It was fun to try but I won’t be buying this.

Product sample received in my Welcome Box from Birchbox.

Miracle Skin Transformer Face Spotlight SPF 20 (Full-size $48)

miracle skin croppedHow: Work a thin layer into your face.

Verdict: This too, was light and had a mousse-like texture to it. The cream also has a slight shimmer to it and has the added bonus of SPF protection. I think I would pick this over the pores no more® mentioned above just for the SPF but I didn’t really like the $48 price tag that this cream came with Liked trying it but wasn’t in  love with it.

Product sample received in my Welcome Box from Birchbox.

There you have it. JERGENS® BB Body Perfecting Skin Cream impressed me most this month and I continue to use it daily. It’d be nice if you could buy it through the Birchbox shop but you can find this lotion just about anywhere.

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And oh yeah…Go USA!!



* This is not a sponsored post.  All opinions about these products are my own!


3 thoughts on “June Empties

  1. Katie I had NO clue these samples were worth so much! I can’t birchbox in Canada so in trades I keep what I like, look at the different stuff & use or trade again
    Will pay more attention

    • Hello! So I should have specified that the prices listed are for the full-size product. I have made the update. I still think Birchbox samples are a good value! Sorry for the confusion!

      • LOL either way I can’t get BB In Canada no clue why but I have NGQ03 on it’s way & I’m jumping in double feet for TWO golden totes for July

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