PäshBox – June 2014


Before I developed a subscription box addiction, I have been obsessed with scarves.  So when I discovered a subscription box service for SCARVES, I couldn’t pass it up.  The service is called PäshBox and they offer two different boxes, scarves and sunglasses.

unopened box cropped


The Scarf Box

Receive 2-3 on-trend scarves handpicked by our stylists.


3 and 6 month subscriptions available, starting as low as $16 a month

The Sunglasses Box


Receive 1 pair of sunglasses handpicked by our stylists.


My PäshBox

I opted for the Scarf box. I found PäshBox via another blogger and she also had a coupon code to get your first Scarf Box for only $16.  That seemed like a great deal to me as I recently bought an infinity scarf at Target for $16.99.

Want to take a peek inside my first PäshBox?

This is what the packaging looked like when I first opened the box. The June box contained two scarves, a pair of sunglasses and some other treats.

The first scarf is a patriotic American flag patterned scarf from SAACHI and I love it!  A while back I pinned an almost identical scarf on Pinterest (only that one was an infinity scarf and mine is not).  It doesn’t matter…I still really like it! Let’s here it for ‘merica!

The other scarf is more like a bandanna scarf.   It’s called “The Perfectly Adjusted Scarf” from D&Y.  According to the card that was in my box, this scarf could have come in red, blue or black and I received the blue one. It’s primarily blue but also has some green and yellow in it, colors that are lacking in my scarf collection.   There are tassels on this scarf which I like as well.

I’m not sure who made the sunglasses. Believe me, no one appreciates that the 90’s are making a comeback more than me, but circular glasses are one fashion fad I think we should have let die along with the Macarena…  I also feel like sunglasses are something you need to try on before you purchase.  Not everyone has the same face shape so some frames may look better on some people than others.  With this particular pair, I would be the “others”…

Lastly, there were some added goodies in the box.  I received a bag of Stacy’s Pita Chips (Cinnamon Sugar), a tiny bag of baby HARIBO Gummy Bears and an Air Head (Grape).  The Air Head also made me travel back to oh, about 1996. Another homage to the 90’s!

I was pretty happy with my first PäshBox.  I got well over $16 worth of stuff.  I’ll probably keep up with this subscription for a little while.

If you want to get the July Box, you need to subscribe before June 15.  If you subscribe after the 15th of the month, you won’t get a box until August. If scarves are a staple accessory in your wardrobe and you like surprises, I would recommend giving PäshBox a whirl!



*This is not a sponsored post.  I paid for this box with my own money and these opinions are my own!


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