Birchbox Points and Recent Purchase

Birchbox Points

Let me start this post by saying to all  of you Birchbox subscribers out there…Review the product samples you receive in your boxes!!!

Birchbox gives you 10 points for each review and the reviews take like 10 seconds. You can review the products without having tried them yet, too. You also get points for buying full-size products (1 point for every dollar spent) or buying subscriptions. So, get on that!

For every 100 points you earn, you get $10 to spend in the Birchbox shop.  You can buy full-size products that you’ve come to love or you can tack on more months to your subscription. The world is your oyster!

I recently bought two gift subscriptions and reviewed my April box (which had EIGHT products to review = 80 points)!  I had 239 points and it was time to spend!



image (12)_croppedWhish -Three Whishes Body Butter in Pomegranate ($24)

I’ve mentioned in previous posts that I am obsessed with the Whish Body Butter. I’m so glad I have the full-size. I put it on my hands and arms every night before bed.  I don’t know where this product has been all of my life but it’s simply divine!


Color Club – Gala’s Gems Collection  ($13, set of four nail polishes)

I received the color “Breakfast At…” in my April box and I really liked it. I thought I could use more spring colors in my nail polish collection so this seemed ideal. I am currently sporting “Breakfast At…” on my toes and “Heirloom Pearls” on my fingers.


Mystery Sample Pack ($10 or Free with Birchbox full-size purchase of $35+)

  • spa therapy – stimulating sea wrack body washimage (11)_cropped (full-size $15)
  • Harvey Prince – Hello (full-size $55)

Here is a breakdown of what the samples cost:

  • $2.53 – body wash
  • $1.65 – perfume sample
  • $4.18 – total of Mystery Sample Pack

As you can see, these particular mystery samples did not even total $10.  I know it’s a “mystery” which also means it’s a gamble but I feel bad for the people who actually paid the $10 for this!  I was not impressed with the value of the samples I received and I am so glad I got these for free…

I was able to get the Mystery Sample Pack for free from the Birchbox Bonus Shop because my cart value was $37.


What’s the Cost?

I had a $20 Birchbox credit (from my 200 Birchbox points). I also found a promo-code for 20% off your purchase so I tried it and it worked!

Full price for my items (including if I PAID for the Mystery Sample Pack) = $47

Cost after my credit and 20% off = $9.60 (and free shipping)!

What a steal!  I’m already back up to 209 points.  I lucked out again and my May box had SEVEN products to review.

To sum up, here are my tips and tricks:

  1. Review your monthly samples
  2. Buy your full-size products in the Birchbox shop
  3. Check out the Birchbox Bonus Shop to see if you can add any freebies to your cart
  4. Look for promo codes online to apply to your purchase for extra savings

Start taking advantage of what Birchbox has to offer so you can treat yourself to some goodies, too!

Want your own Birchbox?  Sign up here!



*This is not a sponsored post.  I used my own money and points to purchase these items.


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