Stitch Fix Alert!

In the words of DJ Tanner, “Oh Mylanta”!!!

I just received an email from Stitch Fix announcing that they are now offering more flexible options to receive automatic fixes. It used to be that you could only sign up for monthly fixes or just schedule one at a time at your convenience.

The new frequency options are:

  • 2-3 weeks
  • Monthly
  • Every Other Month

You can switch your frequency or cancel the automatic delivery option at any time and revert back to scheduling a fix whenever you want.  I see they also have a “Skip This Fix” button.  I’m assuming if you’re signed up for an automatic delivery schedule and want to skip that month, you can.  I haven’t tried this feature because I don’t want to skip my current fix that’s scheduled!  So please take what I said about the skip button with a grain of salt…

Can I just tell you how stoked I am for the Every Other Month option?!  I was currently ordering a fix here and there but as soon as I got this email, I logged in and switched to the every other month option right away! I’m so happy they made this adjustment! Thank you Stitch Fix!

Want your own Stitch Fix?  Sign up here!




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